10 May, 2010


My absolute favorite thing to do is to discover new music!and this time a collaboration work between Jordanian composer Yousef Kawar and Kuwaiti singer-songwriter Reham Samerai.Today was the launching of their first album "Wake"!

"When yousef and reham met it was musical love at first sight. they decided to create an album by correspondence, since distance separated them, and they each had their own home studios. between yousef's dreamy ethereal electronic guitar music and reham's organic folk influenced vocals and lyrics, manam was born. files flew, clogging the bandwidth between jordan and kuwait. and one by one, over maddening all night downloads, the songs for “wake” came together: a celebration of music, a convergence of two minds, but in many ways also a wake up call to the region of the world they call home."

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@ http://www.manammusic.com/

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