26 May, 2010

Let’s Start a Cultural Awareness Campaign!

Welcome to Let’s Start a Cultural Awareness Campaign! Episode one.

I’m going to start this campaign online through my blog in the form of a question per episode. The questions at first will be general then I’ll break them down into more detailed and specific ones.

You’ll need to answer the question I post at each episode, providing us as well with a reasonable and practical solution or with an answer of a reliable source.

The questions will be stimulated from personal observations through our local community, in order to analyze and abolish certain stereotypes and attitudes through healthy, mature, and productive discussions.

Kindly Join, Participate, and Share!

Episode 1 :

What is the thing that you most dislike about Ammanis (Amman citizens)?


  1. The Showing off thing

  2. no one is ever satisfied, most want to leave jordan at some point..

  3. bad driving ethics

  4. People don't say they are from Amman even though it's their hometown.. it's just like what i once read that the Ammani’s relationship with Amman is as a secret marriage that remains hidden in fear of the first wife.
    I'm the biggest fan of my city regardless of all the annoying behaviors of its people.

  5. in showing off and being fake we can only try not to be like them and rise above this shallowness, and set a good example of being honest and humble.

    The satisfaction part no one will ever be, at some point we all want more! That’s the problem.

    Bad driving ethics is the worst of all! Again we need not to be like them, rise above and set a good example.

    Thank you all for sharing :)

  6. Thank you Anonymous #4..well said I agree too! "I was born in Amman hence I'm Ammani period!"

  7. Re post at deerate.com
    Eye on jordan.

  8. Thnx a lot Hamede, Appreciated :)