04 May, 2010


One of the things i always wanted to do is to have my own blog! but i keep delaying or i just can't find the time.In both cases they are lame excuses!
Don't we always put obstacles in front of us and keep making excuses just because we think that we can't do or we are not up to that kind of pressure or just because we are afraid ..afraid of Failure!
I came to believe that we can do everything we set our minds to, no matter how difficult or impossible it might seem! we simply can,with a storng will and a genuine passion we can.
I'm not going to make an introduction or a description about 3ammaniyat simply because i don't want to categorize or define it!
The thing is im observing,discovering and experiencing overwhelming events and actions mainly in the local scene that are worth mentioning and blogging about.
But you can say that the name 3ammaniyat says it all :)
So stay tuned!And welcome to 3ammaniyat :)