15 May, 2010

صباح الخير على قناة نورمينا

"Yes3ed Saba7ak" is my number one show for a typical Jordanian friday morning for as long as I remember. Mostly everything you need to know about local news and events could be found there, I can't imagine any other show replacing it.

Yesterday I woke up early and I was checking the TV when I came across Normina's morning show "Saba7 Il 5er", hosted by Mahmoud and Rose from 8am till 11am. At first I felt like they were imitating Yes3ed Saba7ak, then I realized that Normina is a young TV channel that has its own and unique identity ever since it started running, specialized in culture, tourism and art.
Thus a show like that could be a new change and a healthy competitor, which is actually interesting and promising to witness such a new wave of youthful, initiative and creative era of Jordanian Broadcasting.

Here is Normina's website for more info:

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