11 May, 2010

JU Students Speak Out

May issue of Inside the Middle East show on CNN hosted by the new lebanese anchor Reema Maktabi featured Jordan University and three of its promising students; Suleiman Arabiat majoring Mechatronics Engineering, Rana Al-Sharif and Haneen Amireh majoring English Literature.

When I first heard that Reema Maktabi had just made her way to the CNN, hosting a show that highlights different aspects of the Middle East present and future developments and aspirations, I was happy and anxious to see what could she do to improve and add to this particular show, regarding her journalistic journey that I have been impressed with for a while now. I was proud as well to know that my dear university will be the topic of this month's issue!

While watching the show I couldn't help but to comment on some points starting with the questions directed to the students, I felt like they were too general, shallow and somehow irrelevant to each other, for a five minute interview about a subject as important and diverse as university life especially in the ME region, the questions could have been more specific and coherent with a clear image and message to deliver. As for the students I wished they were more professional and intact in presenting themselves, the obstacles they face and the future they are looking for!

Check out the video here..

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