09 July, 2010

Keep Your Eyes on JRTV this Ramadan!

I've been reading lately about some local series that will be aired on JRTV this Ramadan, along with Jordanian appearances in other Arabic ones!

Starting with دفاتر الطوفان, based on the novel by Samiha Khreis, talking about social, economical, and political life in old Amman; Ras AlEin, Sabeel Alhouriyat, Jabal Amman, and Sakf AlSeil, at the late thirties, the period in which Amman started to shape its new and diverse cultural and ethnic identity as a result of successive migrations. Produced by The Arab Center for Media Production, producer Talal Adnan AlAwamleh, and directed by Mowafaq AlSalah.

النهر الحزين, composed by Dr. Waleed Seif, directed by Radwan Shaheen, battles directed by American Victor Groor, soundtracks by Rum Tareq AlNasser, photography and lighting by Hanna Ward. The series talks about the historical and national relationship between the Jordanians and the Palestinians, in a certain period of time which is the period from 1946-1956.

الحبيب الأولي, a social romantic series that addresses contemporary and sensitive social issues; such as drugs and their impact on the Jordanian youth in particular and the Arab world in general, in addition to the complex social relations and the constant conflict between good and evil. Story, screenplay and dialogue by writer and artist Wael Najm, directed by Saed Howari, produced by Ramada production.

أبواب الغيم, an Arabic series produced by Dubai TV and will be aired on its TV during Ramadan. Directed by Hatem Ali, screenplay and dialogue by Adnan Odeh (Quoted from Sheikh Mohammad Rashed AlMaktoom poems). The series talks about the history of the Arabian Peninsula in a turbulent period that witnessed the presence of Turks and British, under the harsh life experienced by the people of this region.

مشاعل من نور, a Kuwait production filmed in Jordan, talking about the period after the death of Uthman ibn Affan and monitors that period of AlHasan and AlHusein. The Jordanian actor Akef Najm plays the role of Sahaabi Ammar bin Yasir.

The Arab Center for Media Production enters Ramadan season with four distinct dramas; راعي الصيت - Bedouin, عطر النار- contemporary historic, وادي الغجر(based on the novel مخلفات الزوابع الأخيرة by the Jordanian writer Jamal Naji) - social, كلمة و نص- comedy. To learn more about these series click here.

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