13 July, 2010

I'm Running for the Parliament Elections. Would You Vote for Me?

If I run myself for the parliament elections with the following brief agenda, would you vote for me? What percentage of votes and outcome should I expect?

“As a dedicated, devoted, loyal citizen of my dear hometown Amman I will be working mainly in the social and cultural aspects related to X area.

Empowering children and youth is my main objective; to help invest in them and use their hidden capabilities and potentials, let them be more involved and efficiently contribute in their community, to be part of problem analysis and decision making, to raise their awareness on local cultural, social, economical and political issues, and to be familiar with and aware of their rights and duties as stated in the constitution.

Action Plan:

1. For every residential area a public library, park, pitch, swimming pool, and a youth square shall be provided.
2. Planned periodic meetings with the residents shall take place.
3. Decent roads, schools, and public transportation shall be provided.
4. Focused action on keeping the community clean and green.
5. Planned periodic local cultural and musical events.
6. A public sport facility shall be provided.
7. A community center shall be provided for children and youth; regarding volunteering, social and cultural interacting and other activities.


We all know that to win an election you have to have a huge amount of money, in order to spend it on publicity, slogans, buying votes, and most importantly on Knafeh and Mansaf, so that when you win you will have them all back doubled if not more!

But what if a young female candidate with the above agenda who has absolutely no budget, no intent to follow the norm, sincerely has no interest in the post privileges (instead will use them to serve the cause), and will only sell you her ideas and thoughts!

Will you buy them?


  1. Ala'a AlkayedJuly 13, 2010 at 9:15 PM

    Sure we will vote & share these ideas and thoughts , we all support your creative & honest intentions .

  2. Thank you Ala'a for your support. Will see you in 8 years then:)

  3. Will Diana hope you are doing fine.
    it is nice to see someone like posting such topic as it is the talk of the street now the elections topic !
    i think that your agenda is pretty good , for bloggers and social media activists !
    i mean people these days are suffering from taxes, lots of working hours to get some money back home....etc etc !!
    Were are those points from you agenda !

  4. I would elect you if i was in jordan if you support one more thing:

    Money should not be spent on art galleries, music concerts and opera's for west amman but on helping the poor people in the rest of jordan.

  5. Thank you Ala'a for your comment.
    Actually I believe that only through local movements and pressuring the government, like boycotting and protesting, we can face such an issue i.e: taxes.
    People need to engage, make their voices heard, fight and defend their own rights because sadly no one else will.

    Thank you Ahmad for your comment.
    My main interest will be in the less privileged areas no doubt.

  6. that's a wonderful and much needed action list! I'd definitely vote for you Diana,loved your honest and straight to the point post

  7. Thank you Bardees for your thoughtful comment. And to tell you the truth I actually felt like I was really running for the elections!