17 June, 2011

Shu Gossetna

I find this video very interesting and so true as well. I believe that everything is contagious whether good or bad, positive or negative. We always tend, maybe unconsciously, to behave or even speak like the people around us, to the point that we don't recognize our own unique personalities\ principles\attitudes any more, even worse if we don't see it and become part of who we are!.

I think this is mostly applicable at the work place where one is exposed to different personalities\environments\education, it is healthy and a continuous learning process, yet I find it irritating and frustrating to just follow blindly some stupid repeated jokes, stereotypes, nagging, negative attitudes...and the list goes on! Where a simple positive unexpected comment or gesture can truly change the whole situation and affect people, or ring a bell at least, to divert and wake the unconscious flow.

But the accomplishment I guess lies in the fact that you are aware and present and you want to make a change and a difference. And this is of course applicable everywhere even with a stranger in the street!

All I'm saying is that never ever underestimate the power of a tiny gesture and the effect of it, even if it was picking up a napkin you accidentally throw on the floor! Or simply saying, to the office boy for example, ya3tik il 3afiyeh with a smile while actually looking the person in the eyes!

And most importantly do it (whatever "it" is) because you believe in what you are doing and you actually want to do it, not because it's obligatory, religion\culture\law says to, you are better than anyone else, there is a reward or someone is watching...

Remember everything is contagious, learning is a continuous process, and always start with yourself!

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