29 December, 2010

Kun Hadi

Kunhadi, an association for youth awareness on Road Safety in Lebanon.

Kunhadi was born in the aftermath of the car accident that cost Hady his life.

Kunhadi aims to educate the youth on Road Safety.


Kunhadi Organization is striving to be the pioneer in Youth Awareness on Road Safety in Lebanon and on a regional basis.


Our mission is to introduce a new driving culture among the Young Generation that will keep them safe on Lebanese Roads.


- Honesty in seeking everyone’s association for the achievement of our mission

- Pioneering in attracting the Young

- Enthusiasm in creating national approaches and bonds

- Passion in enhancing social responsibility

- Integrity and commitment to the organization’s quality management system

- Transparency in all rendered activities

Kunhadi road safety objectives :

Kunhadi’s goal is to work on lowering the road car accidents toll in Lebanon with the following objectives:

1. Drunk driving

2. Speeding

3. Fatigue driving

4. Not buckling up the seat-belt.

Speeding: One of Kunhadi educational videos

Second Chance: is the title of a short film about a young man named Charbel, his life changed by a moment of insane speed. Film produced for Al-Jazeera program Hadeeth AlSabah. Filmed and directed by Bilal Khreis


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