23 October, 2010

Because we are THAT connected

I recently read an analysis, in the form of a metaphor, about the relationship between parents (especially mothers) and their children; it goes like because the connection between a parent and a child is intimately and strongly linked a child tries so hard, and with the same amount of that positive link, to go against that connection. (Unfortunately I don’t remember where I read this, and I hope I explained it right).

Ever since I read this analysis I keep relating it to daily incidents like; the relationship between a Muslim and a Christian, Jordanians from Jordanian and Palestinian origins, citizens and their country (regarding social, political, economical issues).

It kind of makes sense, it lessens the tension of this hectic period we are living in these days, and it’s kind of comforting, as lame as this may sound! Don’t you think?!

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