04 August, 2010

The Story of a Jordanian

"The Story of a Jordanian is a story of an old man who has been outisde his homeland Jordan-Amman and tries to convey his love and missing to Amman.
The man remembers various times he used to spend in Amman and conveys his emotions regarding how much he misses it and how bad he wants to go back.
The man is then back to Amman and says his story of arrival.....

1st Story - Aziz Marka "The Story of Amman"
1st background song - Mohammed Qwaider "Yal Ordon"

Video: Jordan Tourism Ad
Video Song : Hani Metwasi "Ordon"

2nd Story written by :Fadi El Aisar
2nd Background Song: Rasak Bel 3aly Karazon

Dedicated to the victims of the Amman bombing November,11,2005."

"Killing in the Name" A documentary on the impact of the 2005 Amman hotel bombings has taken the top prize at a US film festival (click here).


  1. Amazing words amazing video...
    verry nice Alla yateko al 3afie!!!
    I love Jordan to!

  2. Glad you liked it.. thnx for stopping by :)